Adapter Starter Kit TL-AV200 Powerline Nano PA2010KIT

Adapter Starter Kit TL-AV200 Powerline Nano PA2010KIT
Adapter Starter Kit TL-AV200 Powerline Nano PA2010KIT Adapter Starter Kit TL-AV200 Powerline Nano PA2010KIT Adapter Starter Kit TL-AV200 Powerline Nano PA2010KIT Adapter Starter Kit TL-AV200 Powerline Nano PA2010KIT
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Features: • Compliant with the HomePlug AV standard, speed of data transfer speed up to 200Mbps • Miniature design, smaller than most powerline adapters on the market, is concealed discreetly in front of any power outlet • No new wires, Easy Plug and Play operation (plug and play), no configuration required • The Energy Saving Mode automatically reduces Patented power consumption up to 75%

What makes this product
Powerline adapters TL-TP-LINK PA2010KIT take advantage of electrical cables that already have in your home to transfer data while simultaneously transferring traditional way electrical current. This means that class requires no additional wiring, users simply plug the TL-PA2010KIT to existing outlets and may establish a network infrastructure in moments. With its miniature design, enjoy the flexibility to plug into any wall outlet in your home!

Thumbnail 2.Diseño, Ultra-Compact

With the new design of its ultra compact housing, the TL-PA2010KIT are much smaller than the mini legacy 200Mbps Powerline products from TP-LINK. With a thickness of only 28.5mm and with its high quality and elegant white cover almost completely adapts to any electrical outlet.

3.Until 200Mbps, 300 Meters

 With advanced HomePlug AV technology, TL-PA2010KITproporciona users a stable transfer rate of up to 200Mbps high speed up to 300 meters. Along with its powerful integrated AES encryption, the TL-PA2010KIT are a great choice to be the solution to connect all network compatible devices of a complete home from computers and game consoles to set-top boxes for IPTV to printers and hard drives NAS.

4.Reduce Electricity Consumption up to 75%

The TL-PA2010KIT, a new-generation Powerline Adapter, with its practical design and sophisticated mode Power Save uses less power when compared with existing Powerline Adapters. When there is no data transmission or reception over a period of time, automatically changes its mode "in operation" mode "Energy Saving" that reduces energy consumption by up to 75% *.
* The actual data may vary due to network conditions and environmental factors

5.PREV "Pair" for Easy Network Security

Simply press the "Pair" on the adapters, users can set up a hassle-free Powerline network within minutes, even with 128-bit AES encryption for network security and data protection.

It's that simple!
1. Plug the adapter into the power outlet
Two. Connect the device to the network cable to the adapter
Three. Press the encryption buttons and voila!

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